About Us

From Ronin to Flowing

It all began in the early nineties at The Ronin Dojo under direction from 10th Dan Dr David Hemlock and an impressive array of talented Martial Artists such as Chris Biffen, Johnny Pane, Paul Crerand, Larry Marks and John Zsa. After spending several years under the auspices of this impressive group, Senior Instructor Paul O’Connor set up his own schools in the local communities.

Paul began teaching what is now known as Freestyle Tai-Jutsu, a combination of Traditional Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Aikido and Weapons. The original club was set up at Sandhurst Community Centre and Paul had the ingenious idea of hiring the squash courts at Edgbarrow Sports Centre and snugly fitting in his crash mats!

Unfortunately, internal politics put an end to the Edgbarrow venture but following highly successful demonstrations at Oaklands School in Crowthorne and Fernhill Park Hawley, Paul set up a twice-weekly class at Hawley Village Hall which lasted several years. When interest waned, Freestyle Tai-Jutsu went through a rather lean period but the spirit was rekindled two years ago, when Paul opened the new dojo at The Arena Leisure Centre in Camberley, re-branded as The Freestyle Academy of Martial Arts.

Senior Instructor Paul O’Connor (1st Dan)
Sempai Sayban Delikhan (1st Dan)